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Chipfix Repair System

For repair of scratches and stonechips on all types of vehicles.

Manufacturers, dealers, bodyshops, car wash, mobile operators are increasingly concentrating on the
provision of higher ‘value added’ or ‘sell up’ services.

HBC invests heavily in Research and Development to ensure its place as market leader and to guarantee
ongoing innovation in the sector.

After intensive market and product evaluation and to compliment the comprehensive product range already
in the market, HBC is now launching Chipfix Paint Repair technology systems.


Chip Fix system is a 1K system with huge benefits over existing systems available.

Currently 16 1K colour range available
Including silver tinters
Does not contain isocyanates
Super durable
High build for quicker results
High gloss levels
Very fast drying
Polish-able system
High opacity
Can be sprayed or touched in with a brush
UV Durable
No shrinkage
Easy to match colours
No fillers or primers required


Easy to use
No special equipment required
Fast drying
Very economical and
environmentally friendly
Extensive range of colours including Silvers


Part no.  HBC product name  Volume
00.1125  Violet  50ml
00.1126  Red 50ml
00.1127  Green (yellow tone)  50ml
00.1128  Green (blue tone) 50ml
00.1130  Blue (green tone)  50ml
00.1131  Blue (red tone)  50ml
00.1132  Pink  50ml
00.1133  Yellow  50ml
00.1134  Yellow (lemon tone) 50ml
00.1135  Orange  50ml
00.1136  Oxide yellow  50ml
00.1137  Oxide red  50ml
00.1138  Black  50ml
00.1139  White 50ml
00.1140  Fine silver  50ml
00.1141  Medium silver 50ml
00.545  Remover-degreaser  250ml
00.773  Touch-Up Micro Brush  1 pack
13970 Premium sanding pad, P1500 1 pcs.
13971 Premium sanding pad, P2000. 1 pcs
13972 Premium sanding pad, P3000 1 pcs.
00.080  Grinding mass fine  250ml
00.079  Grinding mass coarse  250ml
00.111  Finishing polish  250ml
  System box  
00.023  Airbrush incl. air hose  
00.1115  Clear chip gel  30g
00.1475  Chip activator spray  150ml



Product no: 00.1100  
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Complete Caravan spot repair system

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basic of the system is the 15 base colors, which can be mixed together with the easy working software program downloaded from my smart repair.When the color software is installed on your pc, you’ll get an activation code.


Then you are ready to start. Simple and easy!


When you start up on a caravan spot repair, the first thing to do, is to ensure that you’re using the right color tone. In the system you’ll find two large color indexes, which makes it an easy job to select the right color tone. Simply enter the right tone number into the color mixing program and press enter – the software will provide you with the mixing recipe to mix with the 15 base colors.

On the mini scale you mix the recipe from the color software program – and you are ready to spray the right color on the damage or the repaired area. After spraying the color, spray the surface around the repair area with fade thinner, which melts the new and old paint together.


The system works simple and the result  looks always nice.

Product no: 00.NP1000  
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GlassCoat - 60ml

Easy to apply paint protection


Paint Protection



HBC System now offers a revolutionary new technology called GlassCoat. It is a ceramic glass resin, that when applied to your paint provides a permanent bond that protects and guarantees your vehicle’s finish from environmental conditions not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


GlassCoat is a clear liquid that is applied to the clearcoat of your vehicle. Unlike traditional waxes and sealants that simply "coat the surface", GlassCoat polymerizes and crosslinks onto the surface of the clear-coat. The end result is a clear and extremely durable ceramic film that adheres so strongly to the surface that not even organic solvents can remove it.


Easy to apply paint protection which protects paint finishes against damage from machine car washes, acid rain and bird lyme for up to a 7 year period!

Product no: 00.570  
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System C Aqua complete

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Spot repair system aqua base, for repairing and coloring of small spots.


Mix all colours of car paint with maximum accuracy.

The system is built up from approximately 90 colours covering everything from mother-of-pearl, metallic, and other effect-dyes.


The idea is to spray the paint directly on the damage and remove excess paint with 2 different removers. Or to carry out normal spray-jobs with a maximum finish through exercise


Spot repair, Paint Chip & Car Paint Scratch Repair

Smart Repair Paint Chip Repair System C


This system allows you to touch-up and spot repair paint chips and scratches using several different application methods depending upon the type of damage you’re repairing.


It includes all the chemicals and hardware necessary for you to repair a variety of damage and also includes, our Color Match Software and In today’s environment, the best competitive edge is to provide the highest quality repairs.


Equip yourself with the newest technology and deliver unparalleled quality.

- Paint Chips
- Small Scratches
- Chipped Door Edges
- Paint Scratches
- Clear Coat Chips & Scuffs


SMART Paint Repair, Color Match, SMART Systems & Solutions Paint Chip System

With our Paint Color Matching Software, you’ll have direct access to our entire mixing formula database.


Just fill the relevant fields in the clearly structured user interface, and the requested mixing formula will appear on the screen within a wink of an eye - and it’s fast and easy to use.


The database contains over 200.000 mixing formulas, giving access to more than 100.000 colors. It even provides variants of the requested color for badly oxidized or aging paint.


Our Color Match Software is updated four times a year at no additional cost and contains all the MSDS information and safety data sheets for all paint chemicals and toners. As technology changes, so will The HBC system C - Paint Repair Systems.


By anticipating the future, our eco-friendly waterborne line of paint will keep you compliant and one step ahead of your competition.


Product no: 00.534  
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